Buy hepcinat online for the treatment of hepatitis C infection

Hepcinat LP is a prescribed anti-viral drug that helps in lowering and treating hepatitis C virus. It is manufactured by major healthcare brands like Natco and it comprises of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir active compounds that act against the harmful hepatitis C virus in the body. Therefore, buy hepcinat online medicine helps in removing the virus from the body of a patient.

Below are more details and information on Hepcinat LP hepatitis C medicine online along with the price of Hepcinat LP 400mg and 90 mg tablets in India


♣ Taken Orally with or without Food
♣ Completely Soluble in Water
♣ Effective against Hepatitis C virus
♣ Buy Hepcinat LP (Sofosbuvir) Online in India


♣ Medicine Name: HEPCINAT LP
♣ Active Ingredients: SOFOSBUVIR and LEDIPASVIR
♣ Dosage Form: Tablets
♣ Retail Pack: 400mg and 90 mg pack of 28 tablets

One should take hepcinat 400 mg price medicine at around the same time every day. It is always recommended to follow the dosage directions of any anti-hepatitis C medicine as prescribed by your physician or doctor for best effectiveness. Common side effects of taking Hepcinat LP anti viral medicine for Hepatitis C include –nausea, dizziness, headache and diarrhoea.

Please note that it is not advised to take Hepcinat LP Sofosbuvir hepatitis C medicine without medical prescription. Your physician must be aware of your previous medical history as well as current state before you start taking Hepcinat LP tablets for the treatment of hepatitis C virus.

If you have any queries, it is advised to communicate your doctor before consumption of this medicine.

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HEPCINAT seen as a genuine breakthrough in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C has recently emerged in the world pharmaceutical market.Sofosbuvir can now replace Interferon which is commonly known for causing certain adverse effects and having a number of contraindications. At the moment, it is already approved for use in the 120 countries worlwide. SOFOSBUVIR can be used for treatment of patients with cirrhosis and HIV.

Dosage and Administration

Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir) film coated tablets each contain 400mg of the main ingredient. The dosage schedule must be individualized by the physician in charge of treatment, and will vary according to the viral genotype that is being treated. Adult patients will usually be directed by their physician to take 1 tablet per day, and it can be administered alongside a meal or else without food.

Hepcinat LP anti hepatitis C tablets should be taken only from authorized dealers and wholesaler of hepatitis medicine online in India. It can be taken over a duration of 12 weeks( i.e. you can consume 3 bottles)  which further assists in improving the immunity of the patient as well as aid liver recovery after hepatitis C.

Those suffering from GT1 or GT4 (genotype 1 or 4) may be ordered by the physician to take it alongside ribavirin and peginterferon alfa, with treatment lasting for a period of 12 weeks. In contrast to this, GT2 (genotype 2) is usually treated for 12 weeks, and it is taken alongside ribavirin. GT3 (genotype 3) requires 24 weeks of treatment in combination with ribavirin. Patients must only take it according to the instructions provided to them by the physician in charge of treatment.

Side effects

Remember that it will be necessary to inform your physician of any side effects that affect you as a result of taking Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir) tablets. A list of examples is given here:

♣ Headache
♣ A tired feeling
♣ A decrease in appetite
♣ Problems sleeping properly
♣ Itchy feeling which is mild in nature

Go to the emergency room straight away or to immediately see a physician if you suffer from behavior which is significantly different to before, feeling severely weakened, a pale appearance, swollen gums, sores occurring in the mouth or any other serious adverse events which have not been referenced here.


Patients who are undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C with hepcinat 400 mg buy online (Sofosbuvir) will require regular visits to their physician or the hospital so that routine blood tests can be carried out. The frequency at which these tests are required will be determined by your physician.

There is a risk of birth defects or other serious harm to an unborn baby associated with this medicine, and it should never be taken by pregnant women. A minimum of 2 effective non-hormonal barrier methods of contraception should be used at all times during treatment and for at least 6 months following the completion of treatment.

It is very important that patients are aware of the fact that there is a risk of infecting others with hepatitis C, and taking this medicine will not prevent this. Male patients should also not take this medicine if their partner is pregnant, as harm could be caused to an unborn baby if a child is fathered by a man who is taking this medicine.

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